Ready to have a child? Here is a list of guidelines to help you to prepare your body and life when trying to conceive:


Eat healthy making sure you eat a high fiber, low-fat diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will help your body be at its best for the baby.


Exercise to maintain where you want your weight to be when you get pregnant, don’t do any strenuous exercising when trying to get pregnant .


Make sure you have your finances together where you should start saving for when the baby comes; there might be unexpected costs at the hospital and make sure you have the right coverage of insurance for maternity care.

Genetic testing and family history:

If you are interested in learning more about family history of what you could possibly past down to your child, it might be good to get a genetic testing done so you are aware of what you need to do to prepare yourself for the baby.

Here is a suggested list to check off when trying to conceive to have the best chance of conception:

  • Have a check-up with your doctor and review current medications to make sure they are okay to take while trying to conceive
  • Have a full dental check-up as well; sometimes pregnancy can cause dental concerns
  • Stop smoking, especially over 35, it can be twice as hard to conceive if smoking; also it can put the baby at risk if still smoking during pregnancy
  • Cut out alcohol and caffeine in-take or limited when trying to conceive but during pregnancy, none at all.
  • Make sure contraceptives clear up to before you start trying then when you are ready to try and have a child, stop using the contraceptives.
  • Monitor when you start to ovulate and get to know your body, it will maximize your results when trying to conceive.
  • Take folic acid for 3 months before conceiving and ask a doctor how much dosage and to approve it.

We offer pregnancy counseling to help you get prepared for your child.

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