Sycamore House runs on Volunteers and we would be honored if you would like to join our team and see where we can plug you in!

Here is a list of positions with a brief description:


  • Handle phone calls
  • Greet and check in clients
  • Accept donations and provide donation sheet to donated items

Store Associate:

  • Greet clients and help them with items
  • Handle the purchase sheet
  • Restock store/clean and organize

Resource Volunteer:

  • Check in Donated items
  • Sort items and put in appropriate places
  • Fill out Donation Sheet

Event Volunteer:

  • When Sycamore House has events going on throughout  the year, Banquet, Open House, etc.
  • Work the event whether to help plan, work, set-up teardown, etc.

Peer Counselor/Mentor:

*This role does entail training which involves an online class to get certified, looking for female & male mentors

  • Encourage/counsel/pray with clients
  • Go over homework/lesson with clients
  • Be able to watch kids during video session

Prayer Warrior or Facilitator:

  • Send prayer requests/praises to staff, volunteers, & donors
  • Pray daily, write/send encouraging notes
  • Pray with staff & volunteers how often feel led to & possibly lead a devotional/public scripture of reading at Sycamore House

Board Member:

  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Help out with special events
  • Help out with fundraising as needed
  • Pray & guide/be an encourager to the Executive Director

Visionary/Advisory Board Member:

  • Meet quarterly to be part of a visionary team for future goals of Sycamore House
  • Meet with board twice a year to advise the board for future endeavors and to give advice from an outside perspective to improve the mission of Sycamore House.

**At times, there can be miscellaneous things to do to help out and each volunteer is encouraged to pray throughout their volunteer time.

Contact us today to schedule a visit or learn more about volunteering!

Email us at: or call us at (937) 653-3154

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