Since Sycamore House is a nonprofit, we rely heavily on our campaigns we have throughout the year. There are two going on as we speak; 100 Women $100 and Blessings in a Bottle.

100 Women $100 started back in January where we sought out 10 women who then asked 10 women to donate 100 dollars with a Celebration Open House at the end of the campaign in May. Because of Covid-19. We had to reschedule our Celebration Open House to now a Drive-By Celebration scheduled for this Monday, June 15, 2-5! We are excited to have the Drive – By, if anyone wants to tour during this time frame, they are more than welcome to tour our facility. Our participants will be able to ring a bell and receive a goodie bag!


The other fundraiser is our Blessings in a Bottle where mainly our area churches get involved to put coins into Baby Bottles. The family can particulate in the fundraiser where usually they have 30 days to come up with coins to fill the bottle. Its a fun and simple way to raise money for our cause while it helps them to remember why we have these campaigns.

Because of Covid, many churches are not participating in the Baby Bottle campaign so we created a virtual campaign! Here is a linkto donate and learn more about it.

We are here to bring hope, love and education to help save lives, to help mothers and fathers get material items as well as parenting or counseling classes to help them to become successful parents!


We thank God for you for your participation!

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