I’m pregnant, now what?

You hadn’t planned on becoming pregnant and are not sure whether you are ready to be a mom.

Adoption can be a solution.

So why do women choose adoption?

There are many reasons and here is a list of reasons:

  • Not ready to be a mom
  • Lifestyle
  • Cannot afford to be a parent
  • Situations that prevent parenting (mental illness, in jail, etc.)
  • No support from the baby’s father
  • Desire for a solid, two-parent family
  • College plans
  • Opportunity for the child to have a solid future
  • Cannot afford another child
  • Rape

Children are a 24/7 huge responsibility where a parent has to set aside their selfish desires and be completely committed to the child.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you truly able to provide for you and your baby on your own?
  • Will the father be involved and will provide support?
  • Do you have school work that will take up your time?
  • Do you have reliable family and friends who will help you with the baby?
  • Can you afford to feed, clothe, and provide the life your child will truly need?
  • Are you ready to change your life to become the mom your child will need?

Also, make a list what you can offer your child if you decide to parent your child, lists can help you to consider your choices, to see what you have and what you would need for the child, to help balance facts and emotions. Also, a list can help you decide if you are able to offer a stable home environment, to afford, and to provide the right lifestyle for your child to be successful.

How do I know adoption is a good choice for my baby?

Some women choose adoption to provide the baby a mother and father and the security the family provides. Another reason is that the mother wants to wait until they are married before raising a child.

Great news is that you can be involved every step of the way to choose parents right for your child. There are 3 choices for adoption: closedopen, and semi-open.

Closed adoption is that you let the adoption agency choose the adoptive family for you and after the adoption, you will not have any contact with the family or child.

Semi-open adoption, first names are shared with the adoptive parents, you may have some say in the selection of the adoptive parents but there will be little or no contact with the child or family.

Open adoption is that you may choose your child’s family; you may stay in touch where some women want letters and photos while others want occasional visits and phone calls.

Make a Plan of what you want the adoptive family to offer your child, for example, the list could look somewhat like this:

  1. Love
  2. Financial security
  3. Stable home
  4. One or two parent home
  5. Grandparents & relatives to be involved
  6. Emotionally ready and want to be a parent
  7. Vacations, opportunity to travel
  8. Ability to provide hobbies, sports, music, etc.
  9. A great education
  10. Knowledge that his or her birth parents cared enough to choose the best life for their child

How will my child benefit from an open adoption?

  • Your child will come to know that what you wanted for him/her was that you wanted the best life for them
  • Your child will have a chance to have ongoing conversations with you
  • Your child will know their genealogy and medical information
  • Your child will have information about his/her biological parents

Is adoption expensive?

There are no fees or expenses to the birth parents. Assistance will be provided for pregnancy-related expenses so there is no expense to you for creating an adoption plan for your child.

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