Are you single thinking about having a child or already have children?

Parenting a child alone is very difficult because you have to be the Mom and Dad for the child. Statistics show that single parents are more likely to live in poverty than couples and more likely to have poor health. This can extend to the children that which includes:

  • Higher drop out rates in school
  • Probability is increased of lower levels of education
  • More likely to become pregnant outside of marriage
  • Have more health issues
  • More likely to marry early and divorce more often

Where are you?

Being single can be lonely especially having kids and not having the support system to help you. It is tempting to find just anyone to be your partner and would do anything for that person. Living together with kids is suggested that is highly not recommended; for one, statistically the relationship only lasts for 3 years, and kids get attached to that person.

The best route for you and your children is to wait for that partner who is willing to wait until marriage. It is healthier for you and your kids to wait and not live together and for you to not have sex until married. For one, you do not have to worry about getting pregnant or STD’s. Statistically, it proves that waiting until marriage, the marriage will last. Most likely, being married provides a more stable home and couples are more committed.

If you are single with no children, and you feel like God has called you to be a single parent and can afford it with having the support from your family and friends, then you could consider adoption or foster care. Here is a link regarding fostering/adopting.

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