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Pray, Be a Volunteer, Donate

Since March of 1997, we have been a 501c3 non-profit ran by donations, volunteers, and prayer. We have a 2-person paid staff and the rest of our staff is all volunteers.

The donations help us run Sycamore House in order to provide love, encouragement, resources, information and items that our clients desperately needs.


Pray that we keep our eyes on Jesus and be ministry he has called us to be. Pray that we are continually loving others and putting them ahead of ourselves. Pray that we have discernment to help our clients. Pray that we continually get the right amount of provisions for our ministry.


We have a great volunteer staff who help us with our donations provided for Common Grounds (our store), who work the front office and our store, who are mentors to some of our clients, who help out for special events and more. We would love to get you plugged in. Click here to read our blog about volunteering!


Since we run on donations, could you prayerfully consider donating?

We accept checks to send to: Sycamore House PO BOX 775, Urbana OH 43078

Also, you can set up Bill Pay with your bank to automatically withdraw it to whatever schedule you use. (You will have to contact your bank if you are not sure how to set it up)

Lastly, you can click on the Donate Button below.