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Volunteer/Staff Quarterly Sessions

Sycamore House is heavily ran by mostly volunteers and they have a passion to serve and be there for the clients however way they can serve.

We couldn’t run the center without our volunteers!


To show our appreciation for our clients, to gain training on different ways to serve clients, we decided to do these quarterly sessions, (roughly 4 times a year) where we meet whether it is learning about the pregnancy care center, having fellowship time with each other and much more. It has been a great tool to have!

In the past; we did a safety training with the local police force where they showed us safety techniques to get out of dire situations if that ever happened. We learned about the adoption process and found a great resource to refer our clients to Choosing Hope Adoptions. We did an evangelism type training on how to tell people more about Jesus our Savior.

This past Wednesday; we did a Soul Care session where we just spent time resting, stretching and doing devotional time with Breakthrough Soul Care located in Huntsville! What a refreshing time!

We are getting more volunteers! The goal is to open more hours to reach more clients, by the end of August, we will be able to open up more hours! If you feel lead to serve at Sycamore House, feel free to contact us on the website, email us: sycamorehouseprc@gmail.com, or call us: 937-653-3154.

To learn more about the different roles our volunteers serve in, click here!

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