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Christmas at Common Ground Store

We are so excited to have Christmas coming up! We have our store ready for our clients to come and shop to get items for their children! We have had wonderful people donate items just for this time of year that are brand new so our clients can be able to get presents for their families!

Christmas is the time of year for giving and we have these items at great prices for our clients to use their Mommy or Daddy dollars they earn while doing the Earn While You Learn program! Our clients can receive the points or dollars other ways as well; such as, they can give us a doctor’s note stating they went to a doctor’s appointment for prenatal care, etc., they can bring in their homework from the Earn While You Learn. Also, we have in place now if any of our clients’ children go to CORS Head Start in Urbana, the clients can do certain things such as a home visit to get points to shop in our store!

We want our clients to have a great Christmas and to also to tell them that they are loved and rejoice in the fact that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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