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Interested in Volunteering?

Sycamore House runs on Volunteers and we would be honored if you would like to join our team and see where we can plug you in!

Here is a list of positions with a brief description:


  • Handle phone calls                                                                                 
  • Greet and check in clients                                                                     
  • Accept donations and provide donation sheet to donated items            

Store Associate:                                                    

  • Greet clients and help them with items
  • Handle the purchase sheet
  • Restock store/clean and organize                                                        

Resource Volunteer:

  • Check in Donated items
  • Sort items and put in appropriate places
  • Fill out Donation Sheet

Event Volunteer:                                                       

  • When Sycamore House has events going on throughout  the year, Banquet, Open House, etc.                                                
  • Work the event whether to help plan, work, set-up teardown, etc.

Peer Counselor/Mentor:

*This role does entail training which involves an online class to get certified, looking for female & male mentors

  • Encourage/counsel/pray with clients
  • Go over homework/lesson with clients
  • Be able to watch kids during video session

Prayer Warrior or Facilitator:

  • Send prayer requests/praises to staff, volunteers, & donors
  • Pray daily, write/send encouraging notes
  • Pray with staff & volunteers how often feel led to & possibly lead a devotional/public scripture of reading at Sycamore House

Board Member:

  • Attend monthly board meetings                              
  • Help out with special events                                                 
  • Help out with fundraising as needed                      
  • Pray & guide/be an encourager to the Executive Director            

Visionary/Advisory Board Member:

  • Meet quarterly to be part of a visionary team for future goals of Sycamore House
  • Meet with board twice a year to advise the board for future endeavors and to give advice from an outside perspective to improve the mission of Sycamore House.

**At times, there can be miscellaneous things to do to help out and each volunteer is encouraged to pray throughout their volunteer time.

Contact us today to schedule a visit or learn more about volunteering!

Email us at: sycamorehouseprc@gmail.com or call us at (937) 653-3154

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